I designed a series of mysterious machines that churn out an assortment of multi-coloured craft delights. 
In keeping with the show's theme, everything was lovingly handcrafted and achieved in camera. 
Amazing model maker Miles Ascough masterfully brought these designs into three dimensional reality, giving many of the machines real working mechanisms. 
Shot beautifully by Matthew Day in the basement of Clapham Road Studios with stop motion animation by Tim Allen.
This is the full 'directors cut' including some shots that ended up on the cutting room floor.
Client: Channel 4
Title: The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft Titles
Show production company: Studio Ramsay
Production Company: Jelly London
ECD: Chris Page
Senior producer: Sue Loughlin
Producer: Laura Thomas
Director of photography: Matthew Day
Camera assistant: Thomas Harnett O'meara
Studio assistant: George Warren
Model maker: Miles Ascough
Stop motion animator: Tim Allen
Music: Samuel Pepys
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